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Set in an apocalyptic version of 2033, ‘Human Error’ follows a young adult named Billie as they travel across South Central Texas where society has fallen to hordes of zombie-like creatures called Errors. Having lost their own family and friends to death and tragedy, Billie takes refuge with a group of other survivors seeking safety and a cure for Errors. But Billie has more in common with the Errors than they’d like to admit to their companions. ‘Human Error’ dives into loss, love, and finding hope within ourselves.

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Human Error was inspired by shows such as We're Alive, The Walking Dead, and The Walk. The idea was formed while Ali Hylton sat on the hour long bus rides home from high school. She lived in the countryside of South Central Texas with miles and miles of fields, as far as the eye can see. Over the next few years she would grow a love for car rides on open country roads with only her and her music. Human Error takes the love of travel mixed with danger to tell a compelling story about self discovery, survival, and found family.

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The Shadow Network is an audio drama network dedicated to bringing marginalized folks out of the shadows. You can learn more about the network and it's other upcoming shows here.

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