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A road trip through the apocalypse.

Updated 8/11/22


Human Error is an immersive audio drama about survival, found family, and finding hope within ourselves during dark and dangerous times. It premieres on August 18th, 2022 and releases new episodes every other Thursday. Season one has 8 episodes total.

Quick Facts:

Seasons: S1 releasing, 4 seasons planned in total

Format: Audio Drama Podcast

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Hopeful Horror 

Release Schedule: Bi Monthly (every other Thursday)



Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr: @HumanErrorPod


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Human Error TrailerAli Hylton
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About the Pod:

Set in an apocalyptic version of 2033, ‘Human Error’ follows a young adult named Billie as they travel across South Central Texas where society has fallen to hordes of zombie-like creatures called Errors. Having lost their own family and friends to death and tragedy, Billie takes refuge with a group of other survivors seeking safety and a cure for Errors. But Billie has more in common with the Errors than they’d like to admit to their companions. ‘Human Error’ dives into loss, love, and finding hope within ourselves.

More about the show:

What would you do if you couldn’t hear the monsters coming? 

What if that actually gave you an advantage? In this world, hearing the monsters could be what dooms you. Human Error features deaf/HoH characters played by deaf/HoH actors. It explores the experience of being disabled in an apocalyptic world, and what that means for your fate in it.


There are five kinds of errors in this world: Biters, Runners, Giants, Banshees, and Sirens. Each of them stem from the same source, but each also have their own strengths that bring new challenges. Biters are like your average zombies, there are many of them and they don’t give up easily. Runners are fast and quick to notice you, but are weaker than the other errors. Giants are large and strong, but they are slow and blind. Banshees are smart and their screams can put you in so much pain you pass out. And then you have the most dangerous errors: sirens. Unlike the others, sirens retain their minds and can easily pass as human, but they are just as hungry as the rest and will use their voices to control humans. 

Human Error is A Quiet Place meets The Walking Dead. It combines the suspense and terror of classic zombie horror with the question “what does it mean to be a monster?”. Human Error looks at the apocalypse it builds through a hopeful, human lens. No one is disposable - even as suspicion and fears rise, as people are revealed to be more than they seem, the crew sticks together through the end of the world. 

Content Warnings:

Human Error features characters in a hostile environment and is intended for mature audiences. Episode specific content warnings can be found in the episode’s description and at the top of our transcripts. Common trigger warnings include: death (both discussed and “on screen”), violence, the use of guns, an infectious disease, cannibalism, blood, zombie-like creatures, and harsh language.

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Cast & Crew:

Showrunner and Executive Producer: Ali Hylton

Writers: Ali Hylton, Frank Zinsius, Isabelle Bryan, RH Sparra

Script Editors: Brad Colbroock, Tal Minear

Consultant: Caroline Mincks

Sound Designers: Adrian McQueen Parrish, Brad Colbroock, Oran Talbot, Stephen Indrisano

Dialogue Editor, Composer, Transcripts, Graphic Artist, Social Media: Ali Hylton


Allen Chan as Gus William Hill

AlliMaria Dauphine as Hazel Nicole Jarrell

Caroline Mincks as Jace Franklin

Eleanor Grey as Kyra Jones

Elissa Park as Billie Ryan

Lindsay Zana as Grace Katherine Ryan

Mandy Moon as Waverly Wilson

Shogo Miyakita as Silas Nicholas Palmer

Socks Whitmore as Eden Eli Wilson

Ensemble: Christopher Colón, Darin F. Earl II, Dustin Vuong Nguyen, Eleanor Anwen, Jenna Oliver, Jenni Penn, Jerron Bacat, Josh Portillo, Nikki Paige, Sena Bryer, Sophie Borjón, Stacey Cotham, Tal Minear, Vyn Vox

Fun Things:

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